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Meditation Inebriation: An Alternative to Alcohol Dependence

Julie Bowes, certified coach and founder of JewelTree, LLC offers heart-centered healing and energetic restoration techniques for those questioning their relationship with alcohol. Her teleconference entitled “Meditation Inebriation: An Alternative to Alcohol Dependence” guides the seeker into a state of awareness that addresses the current belief systems surrounding each individuals relationship to alcohol, questions that evoke potential shifts, parallels of meditation and the effects of alcohol, and finally, strategies for those desiring an alcohol-free path.

  When striving for true consciousness, purity and fulfillment of the soul, removing as many toxins as possible is a rapid accelerator; Alcohol is the most wide-spread offender. In order to avoid the pitfalls of alcohol related dependence, disease and disaster, stress management is a key factor. Julie promotes and encourages the benefits of reaching for meditation; a learned practice that has the power to supersede the reliance on any substance. “To set off on the path of meditation with a clean mind, heart, body and soul delivers unimaginably vast spaces of peace, clarity, purpose and gratitude.”
The 60-minute teleconferences scheduled for March 22 at 1pm and 7pm are intended as a portal for those questioning their relationship with alcohol and seeking holistic alternatives.

For more information and registration please visit or email Julie at [email protected].