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Ayurveda Is Just Right for Seasonal Cleansing

Of all the world’s great healing systems, India’s Ayurveda is renowned for guiding the healthy to remain healthy through alignment with the natural world and its seasonal changes, says Dr. Jaya Daptardar, owner of Active Ayurveda and Yoga, LLC. An experienced Ayurvedic practitioner originally from India, Dr. Daptardar has both practiced and taught the ancient system of Ayurveda—meaning “science of life”— since 1991, and uses Ayurvedic wellness techniques in beauty, weight and lifestyle management programs. In Ayurveda,  “health” is defined as not only a product of the body’s physiological system, but also of the emotional state and the thinking process. Ayurveda, with its easy-to-follow prevention and curative methods for long life, offers practical and natural solutions to preventing most diseases, with techniques based on seasonal changes and the wisdom of aligning ourselves with the natural world.

  Daptardar, with offices in Norwalk and Weston, offers an array of services including an Ayurvedic wellness assessment, Ayurvedic counseling, cooking, lifestyle management, weight management, seasonal cleansing, and other Ayurvedic healing techniques.

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