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Colonoscopy? Lifeline Hygienics Can Help

May 24, 2012 12:26PM

According the American College of Gastroenterology 2006 annual report, more than 41 million Americans need colorectal cancer screenings (colonoscopies).  The pre-procedure preparation has been found difficult and at the very least, inconvenient for many people. It normally requires 24 hour fasting before the colonoscopy - which may not be suitable for some people, especially diabetics who are unable to tolerate a fast - then taking aqueous sodium phosphate, a drinkable solution taken the night before the procedure.

The good news was discovered in a single-blinded, 690 patient research study at Danbury Hospital using Colonic Irrigation as colonoscopy preparation as opposed to using the aqueous sodium phosphate drink. The findings were surprising. Those who had a colonic irrigation treatment the day of the colonoscopy procedure were rated for cleanliness and experience. The quality, comfort, convenience and overall tolerance ratings were significantly better with colon irrigation.
Lifeline Hygienics, located in Rye, NY, has been a pioneer in the field of colonic irrigation, serving the New York tri-state area since 1993. Founder and director Tovah Finman-Nahman is a published author and lecturer, and one of the foremost authorities on colon cleansing today. Lifeline Hygienics has been helping its clients to prepare for colonoscopies for almost two decades. A personalized colonic experience is offered, that is unique to each client. Knowledgable, fully trained, certified staff are not just concerned about the colonic procedure, but also about educating their clients regarding their overall health and wellbeing. 

For more information call Lifeline Hygienics at 914.921.LIFE or visit

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