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FAP Attends Summit for Agricultural Communities for Autistic Adults

Greenwich-based FAP (Friends of Autistic People) participated in the Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism summit held at Bittersweet Farms near Toledo, OH on May 3 - 5 for its first conference. Agricultural Communities for Adults with Autism (ACAA) is a consortium of existing and prospective organizations that focus on sharing best practices and advocate for holistic, agricultural based employment and for housing models for adults with autism. The goal of the conference was for organizations to build their strength in order to advocate for the agricultural community model. The members and guests spent time together sharing knowledge and learning from each other’s experiences.

            Brita Darany von Regensburg, Founder and President of FAP, and Tibor Darany, Director, also visited a nearby farm for young adults with autism, which was completed by its founders just in time to show the participants of the Summit.

            ACAA was created two years ago to provide information to adults with autism, their families, academics, professionals, legislators, policy makers, other agricultural communities and interested parties. The 50 member group educates people about the common characteristics and differences in agricultural communities in the United States. Farming communities for adults with autism are typically non-urban, low density community based integrated models. Typically there are no openings and long waiting lists. The only way many adults with autism will be able to access an agricultural model is for advocates to come together with others to create a model in their own area. Creating a community is difficult but not impossible. The ACAA Inaugural Summit provided information and networking for the 70 individuals registered including a representative from Autism Speaks. Attendees came from 15 different states across the U.S. 

            Friends of Autistic People is a parents' support group dedicated to bringing about an environment where adult children with autism can be assured of receiving high-quality care and assistance after they turn 21. FAP is the only charitable organization in Connecticut that advocates appropriate services for adults on the entire spectrum of autism.

To learn more about FAP, their Green Farm Academy Project and to stay posted on upcoming events visit or contact Brita Darany von Regensburg at 203.661.8510, [email protected].

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