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A Special Offer for Vibrant Health

Aug 29, 2012 12:38PM

Naturopathic physician K.Pramila Vishvanath believes the importance of achieving vibrant health is not just through a good diet, but also good digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination.These are the four pillars of health.

            Good nutrition includes eating proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water (all processes in the body run on water). Unfortunately, today in the name of progress, we have become dependant on processed foods, fast foods and quick fixes. This has created issues in the digestive tract. Digestion does not start in the stomach but rather in the thought “what am I going to have for dinner?” The idea of assimilating the raw materials, chopping and marinating the food, and smelling the aroma as they cook is how the digestive processes start. Once it is laid out on the plate with all its colors and shapes pleasing to the eye, the body is ready to receive and digest the food in all the chambers of the digestive tract. Then the cells are ready to break down the food to bio available nutrients whereupon the assimilation processes take place. The cells are bathed in these vital nutrients necessary to promote vibrant health. The waste matter from the various processes is eliminated through the natural peristalsis stimulated by good digestion, assimilation and diet. Thus the circle is complete. Any break or misalignment in this process will cause the beginnings of mal-digestion resulting in the weakness of this process.

            At Integrated Health Center, located in Fairfield, a special protocol has been designed to help repair and restore the four pillars to help attain this goal of vibrant health using the NEWSTART detox and deep tissue cleanse program.

Special offer: Integrated Health Center is offering a complementary Body Composition analysis and 20% off services and supplements through October 31. Call 203.259.2700 and mention the code NEWSTART to receive this discount. Integrated Health Center is located at 2324 Post Road, Fairfield. Integrated

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