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First Place Winner! 2012 Global E-Book Awards

Dr. Mark Breiner’s book, Whole-Body Dentistry®: A Complete Guide to Understanding the Impact of Dentistry on Total Health was chosen as the First Place Winner in the 2012 Global E-Book Awards in the Medicine and Healthcare Category.

             A wide range of experts from the book industry judged e-book entries from 26 countries. Judges included librarians, professional book critics, book reviewers, book bloggers, as well as subject matter experts. In addition to the Kindle format, Whole-Body Dentistry is also available in soft and hard cover, and will soon be available in other e-book formats.

            Did you know that there is more to dentistry than just your mouth? In fact, issues in the mouth can, indeed, trigger seemingly unrelated physical illnesses. Whole-Body Dentistry represents a shift away from the traditional approach to dentistry and offers what some feel is a revolutionary view of dentistry. Dr. Breiner clearly explains these concepts in this comprehensive yet very readable guide and reference. Topics covered build upon each other and are crossed referenced throughout the book for clarity.

Also chosen as a Finalist in the Book of the Year Awards by Foreword Review, Whole-Body Dentistry has earned praise from numerous noted health care authorities. This book is available in print at or readily available in print or e-book at Dr. Breiner’s holistic dentistry practice is located in Trumbull just off Merritt Parkway, Exit 47). To schedule an appointment call 203-371-0300.

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