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Synergy… In Balance with Nature

Michele Maestri-Murphy, owner of New Canaan’s Synergy Salon, has been a pioneer in the salon industry, by posing the question many years ago, “How can I make my hair look better without harming it of its natural health?”

She and her employees have been in the industry for over twenty years and could not overlook this simple question. So her answer was to open her own salon. For decades the salon industry has worked with damaging processes and chemicals that not only make hair unhealthy, but can negatively affect overall health and the environment as well. At Synergy Salon all treatment and color products are made out of organic products that add life to your hair rather than strip it away. Additionally, the setting of the salon is peaceful and intimate, unlike most of the factory salons that are open today.

Maestri-Murphy has always taken a holistic approach when it comes to her own life, eating organic, non-processed natural foods, and understanding the importance of a well balanced life style. “Your body and mind work together and with its surroundings, so the better we put in, the better we release,” she says. She stresses the importance of giving back to your body any way you can, and all of her treatments at Synergy Salon keep this principal in mind. “If you are interested in treating yourself right and looking better at the same time, come visit us and let nature take care of you.”

Synergy Salon is located at 53 East Avenue, New Canaan. For an appointment call 203.966.5655 or visit for more information.

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