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Where is Your JewelTree?

Julie Bowes, certified coach, spiritual facilitator and founder of JewelTree, LLC offers heart-centered healing and energetic restoration techniques for those seeking greater levels of personal fulfillment and inner peace. Her upcoming webinar entitled “Where is Your JewelTree? Reclaiming Your Entitled State of Well-Being” guides the seeker into a state of awareness that addresses current belief systems surrounding the western paradigm of extrinsic desires, questions that evoke self-evaluation, tools to rewire outdated and damaging patterns, and finally, strategies to restore one’s entitled state of vibrancy and passion; your JewelTree.

“Set the soul at ease by releasing our society’s voracious need to quench self-worth through external addictions. My role is to illuminate the internal freedom that is your inherent right, by teaching the steps necessary to foster the alignment of mind, heart, body and soul. True mindfulness, peace, fulfillment and joy are possible the moment one recognizes their truth and the immensity of silent forces that are conjuring on your behalf”, declares Bowes.

The 60-minute webinar scheduled for December 13 (offered at 1 p.m. & 7 p.m.) are intended as a portal for those questioning their path and seeking holistic alternatives to insure a life filled with a sense of profound well-being and contentment.

For more information and registration please visit or email Julie at [email protected]. $20.

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