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Cancer Survivor and Wellness Coach Offers New Program

Sage Osa

Sage Osa, ten-year cancer survivor and owner of The Personal Wellness Center in Fairfield, is offering a new health and healing program to help cancer patients achieve optimal health while undergoing conventional medical treatments.Located at 1895 Post Road in Fairfield (Colonial Post complex), Osa’s Personal Wellness Center has been a meeting place for like-minded people to explore spiritual development together for over two years. Now, Osa is combining her training as a Holistic Health Coach, her personal journey with cancer and her experience with energy medicine healing techniques to support cancer patients in actively participating in their healing processes.

In the four week series program, slated to begin in February 2013, Osa will teach the benefits of green juice therapy, and how to maintain an alkaline body where cancer does not thrive. Additional topics will be how to boost the immune system through good digestion, how to use deep breathing techniques, releasing stuck emotions, and much more.

Osa is a trained mind/body/spirit program facilitator from Harvard Medical School’s professional program and a certified raw food educator with the Raw Food Institute.

For more information contact Sage Osa at 203.767.6237 or [email protected] or visit

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