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CORE Wellness Opens In Stamford

CORE Wellness has joined the business community of Stamford, at 27 Strawberry Hill Avenue, with a mission to empower the community to live mindfully, to create a better quality of life, to celebrate diversity and promote individual and group higher consciousness, creativity, compassion and love. 

The unique approach of CORE Wellness' co-founders Purim and Adelle King, and their network of healers, provide the support needed to re-engage in life in a fun and affirming way. Purim King (LCSW) is a master healer, holistic psychotherapist, and teacher. She is a Licensed Social Worker specializing in substance abuse, trauma, anxiety and phobia. Her unique and dynamic approach to wellness has helped clients overcome physical dis-ease, emotional and relational difficulties, transform careers, and overcome financial challenges. Adelle King is a natural intuitive, early education teacher, healer, and a 3rd generation spiritual leader. She is an Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes practitioner and facilitator.

CORE Wellness offers classes in holistic modalities that are available to the public as well as weekly support groups for all ages and needs. Offerings include Guided Meditation, Women in Transition Circle, Tai-Chi, Self Defense for Women, and beginners Dance for children ages 3 to 6 to name a few.

Visit for more information and available classes.

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