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Group Therapy for Divorce and Grief Offer Surprising Benefits

Robin Ordan

Robin Ordan, LCSW is pleased to announce the expansion of her office space which now allows her to run support groups for children of divorce, adult divorce support groups, and bereavement groups for children and adults.Ordan feels that the group process serves a valuable and very different role than individual therapy. Some people chose to do both forms of therapy in parallel, while others will select one or the other.

“Receiving feedback and resources from multiple people struggling with a common issue facilitates healing in a unique way. The group members bring a variety of perspectives and experiences that an individual may not have considered previously,” explains Ordan.”Being able to offer support to fellow group members empowers people by helping them see how well they have been able to cope with their own challenges. Being able to offer guidance to someone else about a shared pain or challenge feels incredibly rewarding.” Upon completion of a group therapy process individuals often feel that the pain and suffering that resulted from a horrible life experience was valuable. They feel that their experience was not in vain because of what they learned about themselves and what they have been able to offer others in the group.Ordan is hopeful that by utilizing more than 20 years of experience and facilitating these groups she will be able to help people working through very difficult life experiences heal more quickly and completely.

For more information contact Robin Ordan at 203.561.8535 or visit

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