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Turning Point Reiki Expands

JoAnn Duncan

Turning Point Reiki is expanding its services to include a range of support groups offered under the larger framework of Turning Point Healing Arts (TPHA). As part of this expansion, JoAnn Duncan, MS, RMT and Susan Ahlstrom, MS, will offer programs that provide support, healing, advocacy, resources and education in a series of issue-based group sessions.

The S.H.A.R.E. Divorce Group is being offered for women in the process of ending a marriage, considering divorce, recently divorced, or still healing after this challenging life transition. Meetings will provide an opportunity for women to share resources, experiences and hope, while exploring positive, proactive, ways of managing stress and embracing change. The goal of the group is to help participants feel fortified, empowered and confident as they move forward toward a healthier, more positive life of independence and greater awareness when building new relationships.

Each month the group will focus on a different topic, such as: Legal Differences Between Mediation, Collaborative and Adversarial Divorce and Parenting Agreements, Conscious Parenting Through Divorce and Afterwards (May 8), Financial Planning (June 12), Law of Attraction, Guided Meditation, Energy Healing Tools for Grounding, Focus and Relaxation, Heart Math, and much more.

Meetings are the second Wednesday of the month from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at The Redding Center for Mindfulness and Meditation, West Redding, CT. Monthly attendance is not required. For information and to register contact JoAnn at [email protected], 203.438.3050 or visit

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