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Natural Awakenings Fairfield County & Housatonic Valley CT

Affordable Acupuncture Promotes Wellness

 Acupuncture Healing CT, located in Norwalk and Trumbull, offers high quality acupuncture care at varying price levels. With over 20 years of experience, Jody Eisemann, LAc, NCCAOM, former secretary and president of the state acupuncture society, and owner of the practice, believes different price levels allows patients to come as frequently as needed to resolves their healthcare concerns.

          Eisemann says “Acupuncture can do more than just address healthcare concerns like pain, women’s issues, digestive and respiratory conditions, many people around the world get acupuncture treatments as a “tune-up” in the spring and fall in order to remain healthy and energetically balanced.”

  She says, “As an energetic medicine, acupuncture improves the body’s internal organ function.” She notes that many people around the world visit an acupuncturist regularly in order to maintain their wellbeing and as a preventative healthcare measure.

            With her decades of expertise successfully treating numerous and varied health conditions, Eisemann has developed a special focus on quick and effective treatments for all kinds of pain. She added that “Over the centuries, acupuncture has proven to be a safe, low tech, clinically effective medicine, with little or no side effects”. Eisemann believes that with her extensive experience and pricing packages, patients can come as often as needed to get well and to stay well. Treatment styles vary from private one to one sessions to getting treated in a group setting.

For more information, contact Jody Eisemann at 203.216.2548 or visit

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