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Strength Training Optimized by a Plant-Based Diet

As a holistic fitness and health coach, Gary Camillo of Camillo Health and Fitness, has found that a plant-based diet favorably affects his client’s progress in strength training. Strength training is necessary regardless of age, weight, or gender because human cores, frames, bones and muscles are built up to support the body during this exercise. In addition to resistance training, Camillo recommends a plant-based diet to his clients.

       Muscle is developed and grown through micro tears that occur following resistance training and then repair during a recovery period. Food ingested is part of this recovery. Plants are low in calories and high in nutritional density, and they are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, photochemicals and antioxidants that are central for good health. Even better, plants have a cleansing effect on the body, helping rid it of toxins. Plants have high amounts of protein and calcium which build muscle; particularly green vegetables, sprouts, blue green algae, sea vegetables, sprouted seeds and nuts.       

       Camillo Health and Fitness routinely offers workshops on starting and continuing a plant-based diet along with its daily services of strength and fitness training, and holistic health coaching.

To learn more about strength training and a plant-based diet, visit Camillo Holistic Health and Fitness online at or call 203.259.9906.

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