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Groundbreaking Diagnostic Device Available in Trumbull

A newly introduced diagnostic tool just approved by the FDA has been acquired by Dr. Mark Breiner, doctor of dental surgery, at Whole Body Dentistry, in Trumbull.

The Canary Early Warning System introduces an approach to detecting tooth decay without X-rays. “Our acquisition of the Canary System is exciting. We are among the first dozen dentists in the entire country and the very first in New England to offer this ground-breaking technology,” explains Breiner.

The device utilizes low-power laser light technology to identify the earliest stages of tooth decay before a filling is needed and patients can still take steps to reverse the damage, including dietary changes, better home care, homeopathic tissue salts, supplementation and re-mineralization pastes.

“Approximately 50 percent of a tooth’s minerals are already lost by the time a traditional X-ray can detect the damage, and by then, it’s too late; a filling is needed,” Breiner says. “The Canary System also detects decay in areas not distinguishable in an X-ray, including the margins of a filling, on the chewing surface, the root surface and the side surfaces of the teeth.”

Location: 5520 Park Ave., Trumbull/Fairfield town line. For more information, call 203-371-0300.

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