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Fairfield County Artisanal Tea Ice Cream Maker Launches New Flavor

TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM®, an artisanal ice cream company based in Norwalk, CT, has announced the launch of a new flavor, Lavender’s Blueberry. This flavor is made with a lavender and Darjeeling tea blend and a fresh wild Maine blueberry puree. It will be on local store shelves this month.


Mario Leite, creator and co-owner of the company with his wife, was a former investment banker who combined his love of tea and premium ice cream to create ice cream flavors from his favorite tea beverages. The goal of the company is to craft all-natural, tea-infused ice cream using only ingredients sourced locally and globally without any gums, stabilizers or preservatives. Teas and dairy are sourced from local, New England growers and farmers. All flavoring and processing takes place in Fairfield County. The sweetener used in the ice cream is evaporated organic cane juice and the ice cream has only 14% butter fat. 


Leite says, “Tea-rrific ice cream is not a health food, but if you’re going to eat ice cream, this is a better choice than other available premium ice creams.”


TEA·RRIFIC! ICE CREAM® is currently distributed throughout Connecticut, New York metro, Long Island, Lower Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey and Texas. 


For more information, visit

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