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New Organic Skincare Products for Skincare By Carla

Carla Parker, a certified aesthetician with over 15 years in the skincare industry, has incorporated an organic skincare line into her Stratford-based Skincare By Carla business. Neal’s Yard Remedies (NYR)  provides organic skincare products that include organic items with many ingredients locally grown near their English headquarters.

“Even if you cannot afford to get monthly facials, doing mini-facials at home on a weekly basis using a cleanser, exfoliant, mask and moisturizer according to skin type will help the skin to stay soft and supple, which will help to slow down the aging process,” said Parker. “The bonus of having facials on a regular basis and using the right products according to skin type is that the skin will be rid of dead cells that accumulate every month and will absorb mask, serums and creams much better.”

Parker found her clients are more apt to use skincare products that can combat signs of aging without using parabens, synthetics fragrances, genetically modified ingredients and other additives that can do more harm than good. In addition to Skincare By Carla, Parker teaches an aesthetic program at the Marinello School of Beauty in Fairfield and works with Dr. Jeffrey Rosenthal, a Fairfield-based licensed and board certified plastic surgeon.


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