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Cosmic Rhythms

Apr 03, 2015 01:32AM ● By Alethea Hunt

You’re on the other side of 2015’s most astrologically active month and are finally concluding the Pluto-Uranus square that’s been around for the last three years. While you may still be a little bit shaky at the outset of April, supportive help from Jupiter suggests that any disruptions you might encounter may actually work out to your benefit and can ultimately turn into something favorable.

Let’s dive right into April 4’s Lunar Eclipse. This Libra Full Moon could have an aftershock-esque feel to it for relationships since Libra signifies unions; this lunation falls on an area of the zodiac affected by the departing Pluto-Uranus influence. However, with Venus sitting strong on her Taurus throne, underneath it all you might focus on the role your sense of self-worth has played in any arising (or recently arisen) relationship events. Pluto’s hand in the mix compels you to deconstruct the fundamental framework unions have been built upon to examine the foundational underpinnings; this is a time to take a look at what and whom you place value in, especially as this relates back to self-love.

Between April 3 and 10, extra consideration with your words is favored as Mercury encounters some challenging vibes from Uranus and Pluto. A tendency to perhaps be a bit too straightforward or to speak in haste can exacerbate the situation; remember to maintain control of all communication vehicles and keep cool so a collision doesn’t ensue. Your virtual and real-life social networks are particularly affected. Try not to become involved in situations where emotions run high and detach from those looking to give someone a piece of their mind. Steer clear of angry drivers; the static generated could make for accidents.

Differences in partnerships may show up around April15 – some may want to keep it light while others may be seeking a bigger commitment. This kind of divide could dissolve unions that may have already had an inherent growth cap on them due to differences in relationship goals. Talk things out and be real with each other – at least then you can respect each other’s honesty and show you value one another’s time. If a union does end around this time, consider socializing around April 26 to possibly meet someone new.

In other areas, an Aries New Moon on April 18 is perfect for getting things off the ground, especially with moneymaking ideas. In fact, it could be multiple moneymaking ideas due to an energy exchange happening April 14-30 between Mercury and Venus. Challenges may lie in figuring out where to start and not diversifying so much that you scatter your energies. Although it can be smart not to put “all your eggs in one basket,” pick one or two ideas at the most and see them through to completion rather than wasting resources trying to juggle too many balls at once.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or