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Crystals & Crystal Healing: Tap Inner Wisdom & Energy Through Earth’s Perfect Resource

Apr 03, 2015 02:04AM ● By Jessica Hunter

Crystals are wonderful natural resources and healing tools; they have been used for thousands of years in various cultures and healing traditions in different forms. Shamans have used them as tools in healing and spiritual work for cleansing, protection, healing, abundance, intentions, divination, sacred talismans, and connecting to the spirit realm. Shamanic and Native American cultures refer to them as the “Stone People,” honoring them for their healing energies and spirits. Today, crystal healing and crystals are still used in many forms of holistic healing work and connecting to energy for balancing and transforming body, mind and soul.

These natural tools are born from the earth in many forms and shapes – points, clusters, wands and interesting geometric formations. Each crystal has its own energies and healing properties that work to balance a variety of imbalances on the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level through energetic healing. Crystals also contain many forms of ancient Earth energy, healings and teachings from our sacred planet and ancestors. They are considered “perfect” compared to other rock or stone formations due to their atomic structure. Crystals have a perfect repeating atomic pattern that forms in perfect geometric formations from within. This structure results in a very stable, clean form of energy and vibration – which also connects to ancient teachings and healing of sacred geometry.

Crystals may be worn as jewelry, placed in a room or home, or carried or placed on the body to receive healing benefits. They may also be incorporated into sacred healing tools, healing intentions and prayers and for manifestation. They are great tools to access the natural connection we all have to energy and spirit and a resource to connect to our own inner wisdom and gifts. With so many types of crystals so widely available, there are thousands of options to choose from. Although there are a variety of references available to research them and their properties, the best source is really you; the right stone finds the right person for the right reason. Using your inner wisdom and paying attention to your inner voice, you can connect with the right healing crystal. That is the natural flow of energy connecting to inner wisdom at work. And if you are still unsure which stone is for you, Mother Nature has created a safety net – quartz crystal.

Quartz, known as the Mother of All Stones and as Rock Crystal, appears in a variety of formations. Quartz crystal is found in over 80 percent of the Earth’s crust. It is one of the most practical crystals to use, working on mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels towards manifestation and creation. It can also be used as a tool for cleansing and protection from toxic energies, and to amplify energy to a higher level, including energies from other crystals. Quartz can be used as a divination tool by looking into it physically, or placing it on the third eye chakra; simply hold the quartz in your left hand and connect with the energy to receive information – whether by vision, feeling, hearing or knowing. It can also be used in meditation practices and shamanic journey work to enhance those practices. Worn as jewelry, quartz can be a very protective talisman, both cleansing and healing at the same time.

Crystals are wonderful and available natural resources that connect us to our innate inner wisdom and to the Earth. They are beautiful natural tools that can easily and practically be incorporated into daily living and healing practices. Crystals have much knowledge, healing and teaching for all – if you are willing to listen to your inner wisdom and welcome them as your teachers and healers.

Jessica Hunter is a shamanic practitioner and medium, OM with Circle of the Sacred Earth, certified Reiki master teacher and Melody-certified crystal healing practitioner. She teaches individual crystal classes and also provides a complete crystal healing practitioner certification program, which is
accredited by the World Metaphysical Association. See ad, page 7.