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Chemical-Free Swimming

Jul 01, 2015 03:28PM

Summer is the time for soaking in the sun and dipping into the water. However, there are harmful realities associated with swimming in chlorinated pools, including salt water pools. Most of the swimming pools in the U.S. are oxidized and cleaned by chlorine. When chlorine enters the human body as a result of breathing, swallowing or skin contact, it reacts with water to produce acids. The acids are corrosive and can damage cells within seconds or minutes upon contact. Some of the most common short-term health issues are wheezing, coughing, buildup of fluid in the lungs, and skin and eye irritation. Long-term health issues are linked to asthma, tooth corrosion and many forms of cancer.

In the past decade there has been a high demand for salt water pools as an alternative to conventional pools. Unfortunately, a salt water pool produces pure chlorine by removing the chemical from the hundreds of pounds of salt added to the pool water. The salt by itself does not have a cleaning ability but produces chlorine as a by-product. Although better than a traditional chlorinated pool, a salt water pool is still a chlorinated pool.

Until recently, there wasn’t another alternative for people who wanted to enjoy swimming in a pool; chemical exposure was a necessary evil. In the past two years, however, a new option has become available to the region. Biotop by Aqua-Scapes now offers a chemical-free swimming pool experience.

“It brings me great satisfaction that I can offer my clients and loved ones a healthy lifestyle experience,” says Vinny Torcasio of Aqua-Scapes. “Whether it is for relaxation, exercise, entertaining or simply family time, you can be assured that your loved ones are in a healthy environment.”

Aqua-Scapes has more than 30 years experience building traditional gunite swimming pools and partners with Biotop – an established European company – to offer living pools, an eco-friendly and healthy alternative to traditional chemical treated pools and the effects of such chemicals.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or call 203-743-7665. See ad, page 31.

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