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Publishing Milestone for Power Abused, Power Healed

Dec 02, 2015 12:01PM

Judith Barr

The ninth anniversary of Brookfield psychotherapist Judith Barr’s Power Abused, Power Healed is approaching. Each day, each year, abuses of power come more and more into view across the country, across our communities, and in our personal lives.

Through a series of stories by therapists and laypeople, the book helps explore the roots of relationships with a path to healing them. Barr began writing in response to misuses of power in the counseling world—things she witnessed herself and heard about through clients’ experiences. The book and accompanying home study course can help to heal the abuse of power in our world.

“Power is like fire, lightning, wind, ocean—like life itself—a raw, vibrant force of nature. It has the potential for great harm and the possibility for magnificent good. Each of us chooses, whether consciously or unconsciously, how we will use the power of our own life energy,” says Barr in Power Abused, Power Healed.

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