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Cosmic Rhythms: An Astro-Overview of 2016

Feb 02, 2016 05:25PM ● By Alethea Hunt

Our look at 2016 begins with a list of Mercury retrograde dates. To review, Mercury retrograde (Rx) periods are times when day-to-day opportunities don’t run quite the way they normally do; this planets governs communication and transportation (cars, trains, buses), so these areas can definitely get a little weird. Make it a point to slow it down and become more mindful of the details during these times for best results; take the time to ask for additional clarification if there is any room for ambiguity in your communiqués. Also watch for a tendency to do things like forget or double book appointments—our state of mind can easily become disorganized under this influence. The other thing to watch for is technical glitches; it’s advisable to back up data before and during these periods as a precaution. Rethink whether to pick these periods for performing a software update, transitioning from a PC to a Mac, or voluntarily purchasing a new phone, computer or even a car unless you absolutely have to. There are four date ranges of the Mercury Retrogrades during 2016: January 5-25, April 28-May 22, August 30-September 22 and December 19-January 8, 2017.

An opposition between Jupiter and Chiron on February 23 advises a macro view of health matters, and healing and wellness philosophies. Beliefs and/or doubts about the state of health and/or ability to heal—especially regarding chronic conditions—are emphasized at this time. Take a holistic view and make sure your philosophies are truly helping rather than hindering your healing. On the other side of the coin, this energy can potentially skew the perception of wellness. This could range from expressing as hypochondria, to ignoring a chronic issue and believing health to be better than it truly is. It can even entail going overboard with something “healthy” where it becomes applied in an injurious manner. This aspect repeats on August 12 and the energy will be active for about a week or so on either side of the dates listed above.

March is an eclipse month, and the first eclipse on March 8 is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. It sits very close to the aforementioned Jupiter/Chiron opposition, so wellness is a big theme around this time. Immune systems may be run down and/or it could be a potentially late end to flu season. Be sure to get plenty of rest and focus equally on the spiritual and restorative angles of health. On March 16, another trine (energetically active for most of the month) forms between Jupiter and Pluto. It helps to create positive transformation on the physical and material planes—whether it relates to health, wealth or work—so look for opportunities. This is akin to a large but gradual and systematic renovation; in other words, many small improvements that coalesce into something larger. Be willing to let go of anything that isn’t working and that keeps you “stuck in the muck” in order to elevate yourself and make the most of this vibe. It will be exact for a third time on June 26 when this energy will again pervade for several weeks, both before and after.

March 23 is a big date to circle with an eclipse and an exact square between Jupiter and Saturn happening on the same day. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra brings relationships and feelings about them to the fore in a way that can create a push for action. Confusion is possible at this time and a financial or relationship situation may be blurry; caution should be exercised not to romanticize a partner who could fiscally deceive you or one you could trust too readily. Whatever the case, something may not add up and a hefty dose of realism helps, so definitely stay off any substances as these certainly won’t make judgment or the decision-making process any clearer. Mars in Sagittarius’ involvement stresses being motivated by growth and a theme of “onwards and upwards”, so don’t look back in anger and do put the bigger picture first. The square between Jupiter and Saturn is active throughout the month but peaks on this date as well; it is very possible on the health front to do or overdo something that’s not beneficial—perhaps curbing an excess of some kind is in order. Sometimes good health isn’t about what is added to the equation, but rather about what is taken away. Strive for a good balance between a micro- and macro-view of wellness and know this energy repeats during all of May and part of June—becoming exact on May 26.

Mars backtracks from April 17 through June 29. Bold and rash moves are to be avoided at the outset of this retrograde with Mars firing up the beating Heart of The Scorpion. Recklessness can lead to accidents, and tempers should also be defused as rage can easily lead to violence with Mars on this destructive star. That aside, this entire Mars retrograde phase should be looked at as more of a covert reconnaissance mission than a time to initiate direct action.

Because Mars and Scorpio both relate to sex, this is also a time to “wrap it up” and take extra precautions regarding sexual involvements, though the lusty nature of Mars means some may be disinclined to. If you find yourself in a hurry to initiate a new level of intimacy, first ask yourself what the rush is and then maybe slow it down. There is a compulsive nature to Mars in this sign; it’s possible there may be some kind of subconscious psychological drive that needs to be investigated first.

Lastly, sexual/libidinal issues can also arise during Mars Rx—especially for men. Know that any dysfunction encountered in this respect could have an underlying root cause. Be wary of taking the issue purely at face value at this time by writing it off as just a blood flow problem. While this may be partially the case since Scorpio can be a stagnant sort of sign, in true scorpion fashion some needle sticks may be required to get to the bottom of the issue. Focus on investigating the blood—in particular whether there might be toxicity issues such as those involving heavy metals. Consulting a resource on the matter—such as Louise L. Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life—may help if used to complement other remedies pursued.

The Saturn/Neptune Square returns on June 17 and September 10. It was first exact right around Thanksgiving; think back to November 2015 to get a sense of how this energy might play out for you. Some general themes associated with this energy include: working to support and protect dreams, losing sight of goals, spiritual fortification, reality-checking fantasies, distorted fears, meaningful vocation, attempting to spiritually escape accountability, dereliction of duty, stepping into a temporal vortex, and professional or parental disillusionment.

Discernment becomes key at the September 1 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Because this eclipse pulls in the energy of Saturn and Neptune, there is potential for major disillusionment. Mercury—the ruler of this lunation—is retrograde in Virgo and sits very close to Jupiter. There could be some major headline news on the health front—anything from a significant medical breakthrough to a resurgent pandemic-type issue. If the latter, this looks like something that could even limit/restrict international travel due health concerns. Be careful regarding what you hear on the news around this time though; discernment is key to avoid a possible “spin-doctoring” vibe due to the Saturn/Neptune square being activated. Since America is only two months away from the 2016 elections at this point, look very critically at the things candidates are saying and ask yourself what their political motives might be. This theme is further reinforced by September 16’s Pisces Lunar Eclipse.

Jupiter enters Libra on September 9 for a year-long stay, emphasizing partnership matters and potentially proving a boon for unions. Growth comes through relating, though this will not always be easy—especially when this planet squares Pluto on November 24. Relationships can’t grow if they remain stuck in the “tar pits” of the status quo, so big transformations may need to happen. This could involve letting go of fears or of being entrenched by the notion of stability in order to achieve this energy’s expansion potential. Just a month later, there is an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus on December 26 as Uranus turns direct that heavily favors change and adaptation as being beneficial to unions now. However, this is likely to be under some amount of duress; the freedom-seeking qualities of these two planets say “no” to being tied down, so there is a vibe of “if you love something, set it free.” While it may seem somewhat counterintuitive at first, better separate can equal better as a partner. Each party may need a fully-formed sense of his or her own identity independent of the union.

The last item is the December 24 trine between Saturn and Uranus. Like the aforementioned Jupiter/Uranus interaction, this alignment happens very close to the date Uranus turns direct. Stability meets innovation when these two planets link up; this energy is good for self-initiated changes that have a beneficial framework backing them up. In other words, shifts aren’t apt to be too radical at this time; they will be more gradual and calculated with anchoring Saturn in the mix. Get or stay connected with this influence as new friends may further professional goals.

A practitioner of Western Tropical astrology, Alethea Hunt has been practicing for more than 17 years. Connect with her at 203-917-6312, [email protected] or

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