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Confronting the Man Boob Epidemic: Hormonal Shifts and Toxicity Cause New Concerns for Men

Jun 06, 2016 03:28PM ● By Kurt Waples

It is no secret that the United States is the heaviest nation on Earth. Of the developed nations, we are among the sickest and consume the most processed, ultra-processed, genetically modified, non-organic, toxin-laden foods. Yet, despite our poor health habits, we are still surprised by the rate of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and overall lack of health and our morbidity rates. We consume almost 50 percent of the world’s prescription drugs; these drugs are designed to prevent symptoms of disease, not necessarily to promote and maximize health.

One issue arising from this cultural pattern is a new epidemic of “man boobs”. Yes, you read that correctly. Man-boobs are characterized as excess pectoral fat—or fat around the pectoral region—and a circumstance that is extremely damaging, both to the ego and the body’s biochemistry. It is an indicator that a man’s body is converting testosterone into estrogen, thus creating the internal hormone profile of a woman. When a man has excessive fat tissue in the pectoral area, he now officially has more similarities than he would like to the hormone profile of a woman. You must have a high estrogen and low testosterone circumstance in the body to grow breasts. A man needs testosterone to function and live. Low ‘T’ levels is an epidemic and simply giving men prescription testosterone has not helped the problem. The numbers all indicate this problem is only growing.

Focused Detoxification is Key

This is not solely an obesity issue; pectoral fat does not discriminate between larger and skinnier men. However, it does have a link to toxicity in the body—specifically, heavy metal toxicity. One major problem with this specific type of toxicity—which leads to man boobs—is that a healthy lifestyle will not entirely be corrective. Eating an organic, Paleo-style diet with minimal grains and high fruits and vegetable content is a must. And, if coupled with a weight training, interval-type workout plan, the signs of man boobs can lessen slightly.

However, dietary and lifestyle modifications will not completely correct the excess pectoral fat issue as we cannot work out toxins. Those must be forced out with a focused detoxification plan. In the case of heavy metals, toxicity must be pulled out through either chelation therapy or with a heavy metal-focused detoxification plan which seeks to increase the number and effectiveness of metallothione. Metallothione is a zinc-dependent molecule associated with the body’s own internal heavy metal detoxification process. By supporting metallothione production and heavy metal detoxification, pectoral fat disappears. Testosterone numbers, focus and drive, sexual function and overall manliness all improve alongside one another.

If more than 3-6 millimeters of fat is present when we pinch our pectoral area, then we have too much pectoral fat. Men need and thrive on a atmosphere with high testosterone and low estrogen so the focus ought to be on creating the right environment in the body for the hormones to balance.

Kurt Waples, DC, is founder and clinical director of Bluestone Health Group, a detoxification-focused natural medicine clinic located in Stamford. Connect with him at or 

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