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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

May 2017 Letter From Publisher

Nicole Miale

Some months selecting a cover is the hardest part of putting an issue together. Not this time. For the themes of this issue—Women’s Wellness and Mind-Body-Spirit—I could not imagine a more fitting image than Mother Nature herself.

It turns out many cultures from around the world have a similar belief in woman as a force of nature (or nature as born from woman), including the Mycenaean Greek mentions of Mother Gaia in the 12th/13th century BC, Algonquian legends of Earth-Mother, Native American belief in the Grandmother and Inca mythology about the Pachamama fertility goddess. Pachamama is usually translated as “Mother Earth” but more literally means “Mother Universe,” which is an appealing notion to me at this time on our planet.

The cover image’s historical context provides a backdrop for this month’s content. Our national and local experts have outdone themselves as a variety of voices weigh in on varied topics relating to the many roles women play, their needs and the importance of mind-body-spirit alignment to maintain wellness. Among other things, we look at the heart-centered leadership women are providing in the world, the resilience exhibited in the face of change and adversity, the nurturing women need (and deserve!) and the many wellness centers and practitioners available to serve each other, our communities and ourselves.

Overwhelm is common among both women and men of my acquaintance; it has sadly become commonplace to hear comparisons to riding a wave on the edge of control or skiing a downhill slope at top-speed. Recognizing the inseparable connection between mental/emotional states and what happens in/to our bodies, some innovative mental health centers are developing models of connected care to address this epidemic of overwhelm and foster healthy coping mechanisms. Local journalist Sheri Hatfield spoke with some of these centers about what they’re doing, why and how it’s working.

Does this refrain sound familiar to anyone… “I’m eating well and exercising, but I’m still gaining weight!” Local journalist Angela Pascopella discussed this phenomenon with expert practitioners and explores the idea that healthy physical weight is very rarely as simple as the old adage “eat less, move more.” We are whole beings; to achieve our best selves, attention to all areas is necessary. By finding the right support, modalities and practitioners to fit individual needs, we will each soon be on a path to better health.

There are many inspirational and educational events around the area this month. Be sure to check out the news briefs, ads and calendar for happenings that interest you. We hope to see you at some of them in the coming weeks!

Wishing you vibrant health and happiness with lots of love and light,


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