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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

April 2018 - Letter From Publisher

Mar 29, 2018 04:44AM

Nicole Miale

As spring advances, all around we can witness people, creatures and flora coming out of hibernation. A winter-lover myself, I tend to spend more time outside when it’s cold, which is why I’m struck when I notice so many more people out and about as the weather warms. I’ve been thinking about how humanity too frequently sets itself apart from nature – as if we are primarily observers rather than actively involved in and bound to its processes. The truth is, as inhabitants of this earth, we humans are no more or less significant to Mother Nature than any other creature walking, crawling or flying. Nature is a potent force man has so far been unable to tame, predict (with real accuracy anyway as we learned recently!) or control, though our actions certainly have had mostly negative influence on its behavior. I have deep and abiding appreciation for the awesome ability of nature to do whatever it will. Man will not outlast the power it seeks to tame and harness; we will not in fact “save the earth”. The best we can do is try to save humanity for the planet will outlive us all. I think the key is recognizing our rightful place, which I believe is not at the top of the chain but merely one among many within a great unseen blueprint.

The strength and inevitability of nature’s matrix—containing all living things within an invisible web—is on my mind not only as seasons change but as we put together this
special edition in tribute to Earth Day. It is a fitting time to discuss how the health of humanity is directly tied to the health of the planet we call home and to consider how our actions affect the world and species we share it with. We also take a look at what humans can learn from other animals; it is remarkable some of the simple things we can do to lower stress levels and enjoy our lives more simply by taking cues from our animal brethren. You’ll find perspectives from a variety of local and national experts on these and other topics; we hope you enjoy and find inspiration!

There is a lot going on in our area this month, as evidenced by the robust news brief, special Earth Day and calendar sections. Natural Awakenings will be at many of these events; we look forward to meeting with you there!
As always, please consider patronizing our advertisers and distributors! It is through their generosity that this free community service is made possible and we are very grateful for their support.

With love and light,

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