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May 2018 - Letter From Publisher

Nicole Miale

May is Women’s Wellness month at Natural Awakenings. That has had me thinking about what it means in this day and age to be “well”? It seems to me it has become a ubiquitous word but one without real meaning. It’s like answering “I’m fine” when asked, “How are you?” 

“How do you feel?”  “I’m well.” 

Are you really? What do those words truly mean to you? On what are you measuring your wellness?

As I’ve been ruminating on the questions, I’ve realized that, for me, wellness absolutely means feeling in alignment. Not just physical in nature, wellness requires attention to all areas of life. It means that since I was a busy beaver at many Earth Day-related events on the weekends in April, I gave myself permission to take some weekday mornings off and enjoy time with my dogs…despite imminent deadlines. It means knowing when to push through inertia to get things done…and when to respect my body’s need for rest and rejuvenation by soaking in a long bath, visiting a salt cave or seeking out an energy treatment or massage. It means not only asking for help (lesson one), but also being happy to receive it rather than being ashamed at needing to ask (lesson two). Some of these lessons are easier for me than others; I suspect I’m not alone in having these experiences.  

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, women around the world are able to share their stories of seeking wellness with each other, revealing their wisdom, and demonstrating their strength and faith in creating a better world in the face of sometimes overwhelming obstacles. As many amazing trailblazing women demonstrate every day, having a vision and believing in it can be enough to overcome a multitude of challenges, including lack of knowledge, uncertainty, doubting ourselves and limited resources.

In my role as publisher, I am blessed to meet and work with many successful, brilliant women in our community. I am honored and grateful to have this continuous opportunity to both witness and support their endeavors, which also, in turn, affords me inspiration and support when my own balance is off-kilter.

This month, our articles focus on common concerns of women who truly want to be “well” and not just say so. As always, our local and national contributors provide insight, information and empowering practical ideas to help you make changes that feel right for you. Being aligned with wellness intention makes life not only easier, but more enjoyable. Foster the positive rather than pushing against the negative. Seek what contributes to your well-being, whether it is a thought, deed, people, supplements, products and/or services. In doing so, you honor yourself, which in turn nurtures others and creates healthier communities.

Celebrating the well-est version of you and the women in your life! 


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