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October 2018 Letter From Publisher

I love the community-building aspect of what I do. Not only do I have the chance to publish inspiring and educational articles, but I also get to exchange stories and hear feedback from advertisers, readers and community members. Rewarding and energizing at the same time, the best opportunities for such interactions are definitely during community events. Long a favorite on my calendar, the Stamford Health Health Wellness and Sports Expo has been a terrific weekend experience for many years; I’ve met many fabulous people there. The largest health and wellness expo in the state occurs each year at
Chelsea Piers in Stamford. I was thrilled when the event organizer asked if I would sponsor this year’s Passport to Life and publish the expo program in this October edition, which will also be distributed to all expo attendees during the October 20-21 weekend. Of course I had to say yes! 

The content of this month’s issue is devoted to topics that, sadly, affect millions of Americans. Joint health and ways to manage (and even heal) chronic pain are our themes this month. In preparing this issue, we were curious to explore some specific questions. With the backdrop of the horrific addiction crisis in this country, we wondered if it is possible to heal chronic pain without drugs? That led to another question…is pain management through natural means another form of symptomatic treatment, or can it result in actual healing? What we heard from local experts was an emphatic and consistent message: it is not only possible to heal chronic pain naturally, it happens all the time. Equally as consistent a message: there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach that will work for everyone. 

Bearing those two principles in mind, this issue includes information about a wide variety of techniques and tools available in our community to help and support those suffering from chronic pain. The techniques vary widely; some trial and error may be needed to find what works for any given individual. The key is knowing there is so much more that can be done than conventional offerings of drugs and surgery! Try one thing, try many things, but don’t give up! Be sure to keep this issue on hand or bookmark it on if you prefer to read digitally. It is likely one you’ll want to refer back to as time goes on. 

I hope you find this information useful and inspirational, whether for yourself or someone you may be helping through a difficult time. I have suffered from chronic pain myself and understand too well the toll it can take. We all deserve to feel good and joyful, connected to our communities and able to engage in our preferred activities. It is my intention that in our pages you find someone and/or something that will provide support and relief on your journey back to well-being. 

I hope to see you in Stamford at Chelsea Piers on October 20 and 21! 

With love and light,


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