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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

March 2019 Letter From Publisher

Mar 04, 2019 06:48PM

Nicole Miale

It seems logical that a way to stem the rising tide of obesity, autoimmune conditions and other chronic disease in this country is to start at the very beginning: the food sources. The state of the food industry is a source of alarm for many. While cheap, unhealthy options proliferate (look at how much so-called “food” you can get for less than $5 at some popular chains!), there is some good news. Untold numbers of farmers are turning to organic, more sustainable practices in their efforts to produce healthier produce and meats with lower environmental impact. There is no way to dispute that better quality ingredients mean better quality health for those of us at the end of the food chain. In a time when marketing often takes precedence over science and food labeling words like “all natural” have been co-opted to mean things created in a lab, it is increasingly evident that each of us must become more mindful of our own nutritional standards. After all, no one else has to live with the result of our personal food choices! 

In this March Natural Food edition we offer a number of articles devoted to helping you upgrade your own nutritional standards. From an examination of some basic food changes that could have a huge positive impact, to a look at how to receive benefit from both common and less familiar herbs and spices, we’re providing fresh ideas to support efforts to make better eating choices. The goal is to improve health status, whether you are feeling good and want to stay that way, facing the specter of spring
allergies or dealing with a more debilitating autoimmune condition. 

The local event calendar starts filling up this month and continues into spring; there are some fantastic holistic and natural health events taking place all over the region. Be sure to check out the news briefs and calendar sections as you’re planning your monthly activities. With such a variety of offerings available, there is certain to be something that appeals to you. We are blessed to live in an area with such richness of inspirational and educational gathering opportunities. Take advantage of them!
We hope to meet you at one of the upcoming events.

With love and light,