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Natural Awakenings Fairfield Cty/Housatonic Valley, CT

July 2019 Letter From Publishers

Jul 02, 2019 09:12PM

Nicole Miale

"Let us not forget that natural includes us. We are not outside of nature; instead, we are an integral part of it. So, not only is our appreciation of beauty entirely personal, our experience of ‘nature’ also comes from within—and we realize that we are inside the fishbowl looking out, not the other way around.” – Meg Reilly, page 28

When I was younger I would scoff at the adage “everything happens for a reason.” As time has passed and many experiences demonstrated there might just be something to that old saying, I’ve become a strong believer. I no longer believe in coincidence. So when seemingly coincidental questions arise in the course of developing a new edition, I pay attention. Over a year ago, we developed the editorial calendar for 2019 and decided the July issue would showcase two distinct themes: urban agriculture and natural beauty. I don’t recall that they were particularly linked in our minds at the time. Then, during development of this month’s issue, two different local contributors asked me about the definition of “natural beauty”… they wanted to know if the intention was to discuss personal beauty/hygiene or the beauty of the natural world? Once I considered the question—and knowing there is no such thing as coincidence—clearly the answer was that the intention and purpose absolutely needed to be both those things. Just like that, the meaning of the issue evolved; those two seemingly distinct topics became somewhat intertwined as we created articles to explore the amazing natural landscape surrounding us (even in cityscapes or inside our homes) and examine the relationship of that natural bounty to our highly individual need to be and feel beautiful in our own skin, without using products that could harm us or the world we inhabit. 

We hope you enjoy the range and breadth of articles discussing how the natural world and human beings can work together and thrive—even in unusual or unlikely places. It should come as no surprise that when we work with nature instead of against it—such as Harbor Harvest delivering farm-fresh produce and meats across the Long Island Sound rather than driving around it (see page 38)—there can be many mutual benefits and an abundant harvest to enjoy. 

Speaking of harvest, July is usually an excellent month to visit a local farmstand or farm to buy fresh, local veggies and fruits! There are so many wonderful places to check out in our area; visit for its annual Farm and Food Guide if you’d like a complete list or to find the location nearest to you. No store-bought vegetables or fruits taste as good as the ones purchased straight from the farmer the same day or a few days after picking. Discover the deliciousness for yourself! 

With love and light,