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Natural Awakenings Fairfield & Southern Litchfield Counties

August 2019 Letter From Publisher

 No matter who you are, on a daily basis you navigate your way through a series of interactions with the world around you. We can choose to have either a fleeting or a deeper connection to virtually everything we come in contact with. You can drive by the turtle in the road or you can choose to help it across. These small moments in each day compound, and together they form our relationship to the world around us. 

The quality, depth and health of our relationships can either provide a pulsing cord energizing an active and
vibrant life, or signal a more stagnant and perhaps lonely state. The truth is, most people experience both ends of that spectrum—and many points in between—during their lives. People, places, foods, animals, and more weave in and out of our fields during the course of years, sometimes without regard to our preferences. If we adapt successfully, we are more likely to maintain that energetic and pleasing experience. If we resist the changes or lack the resilience to cope, we may find ourselves in the more isolated and disappointed camp. 

The good news is that we have the ability in any given moment to shift our relationships. It can be a simple thing, like deciding to appreciate a hot summer day by going to the beach rather than bemoaning the sweat and discomfort experienced outside. Or perhaps it’s joining a new group, attending a workshop, or visiting an expo or festival that will present opportunities to have new experiences, meet people and develop relationships. The possibilities are endless. We have the power!

This month’s edition looks at the tapestry of relationships in human experience, from relationships between parent and child, soulmates, loved ones who have passed, animals and even the effect food can have on us. We particularly shine a compassionate light on families that may include one or more individuals who are autistic or atypical, the “magical people,” as Berta Prevosti describes in her piece. Yes, the dynamics can be difficult at times, but as contributor Roseann Capanna-Hodge writes, “While the needs of a child with autism may complicate all relationships, especially with siblings, so many of these siblings offer amazing love and support in return. Often, their compassion knows no bounds, and their lives have been enriched by the love and challenges they’ve experienced.” 

I love that sentiment. Honestly, I wish it was something that could be said of every personal interaction. I would put it this way: While the needs of humans in relationship are admittedly complicated, our love and compassion for each other knows no bounds, and we are made the better for the challenges we face together.

What a beautiful world we would inhabit if this were the reality! As contributor Karenna Alexander explains, you can’t attract what you desire until you’re clear about what you want. If we can all hold the vision for loving, healthy relationships, then more of them will be created! It may be that simple. I’m game… how about you? Let’s hold that intention!

With love and light,