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Well-Known CT Sound Healer Releases Book

Oct 29, 2020 10:14AM ● By Erica Mills

Sound healer Kelvin Young has inspired and supported many in their quest for relaxation and healing through his sound healing and meditation classes and workshops. Now, in his new book “Finding Freedom from Behind Bars: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing,” Young describes his journey to find meaning, purpose, and peace. He offers hope and encouragement to anyone struggling with the transition from incarceration back to a society that too often stigmatizes people with mental health and addiction issues. He shares three keys that have helped him move forward without turning to self-destructive ways of coping or simply giving up.

Young’s honesty and courage in telling his story is an inspiring message of hope and resilience, proving that the path to a fulfilling, balanced life is possible no matter the circumstances or obstacles in the way.

  Young’s early life was on a downward trajectory. As a child, he never felt ‘good enough’ and as a teen, he numbed his trauma and emotional turmoil with drugs and alcohol. After quitting high school at age 17, he engaged in criminal activity and one arrest followed another until one fateful night, a day spent drinking and using drugs ends in a violent argument with his girlfriend…and a prison sentence that will change his life.

Inspired to become a father his daughter will admire and look up to, Young had an epiphany behind bars. He could become another grim statistic and spend his adulthood in and out of court, in and out of jail. Or he could turn his life around and do the inner work necessary to heal his emotional trauma and accomplish his goals. He chose the latter and now shares his learnings and gifts with the community.

Available now from Amazon at connect with Young, call 860-951-6921, email [email protected] or visit

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