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Sonix Zero Impact Exercise Now at Haute Healing Oasis

Haute Healing Oasis, in Stamford, is now offering Sonix zero impact exercise sessions. Sonix Whole Body Vibration is a revolutionary technology from Korea that can dramatically increase blood flow, cellular energy and lymphatic drainage. Free, 10-minute demo sessions are currently available, and 20-minute Sonix sessions with High Flow Oxygen Therapy can be used with any package or membership.

Standing on the Sonix platform for just 10 minutes is equal to the health benefits one would receive doing 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise. It also removes the same amount of blocked energy as 90 minutes of tai chi or qigong.

Sonix has been shown to increase: nutrient and oxygen delivery, cellular energy, waste removal, muscle conditioning, performance, physical fitness, muscular strength, endurance and energy, vitality and well-being, sleep management, stress reduction and relaxation.

In the words of Plato, “The part can’t be well, unless the whole is well.” These words have held true and remained timeless through the ages. Now more than ever, our health is under attack, and we are becoming more aware that it is all connected—our physical, spiritual, mental and financial stabilities equal our overall health. In order to become who we were destined to be, it is vital to understand balance and how to achieve it.

For more information and to book a free demo session, call 203-595-5304 or visit Location: 792 Pacific St, Stamford.

Haute Healing Oasis - 792 Pacific St Stamford CT

Haute Healing Oasis - 792 Pacific St, Stamford, CT

Haute Healing Oasis is Fairfield Countys premiere wellness spa. Featuring luxurious, private infrared sauna spa rooms, Young Living aromatherapy, chromo light therapy, BEMER physical vasc... Read More » 


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