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Singing in the Shower: Having Fun and Experimenting with Voice

May 31, 2021 08:00AM ● By Bobbi Soares
Why does singing in the shower make us feel so good? Is it better acoustics, fewer distractions, no audience, no judgement?

For most, singing in the shower just feels safe. No one is listening. That’s why it’s important to practice humming or singing in a safe place, preferably alone. Practicing new vocal techniques in the comfort and safety of a shower or other solitary place can be a powerful exercise.

It is important not to be judgmental of ourselves or others for sounding silly or trying something new. What if a little kid were hearing this judgment? They possibly would never be able to play or experiment with their voice again.

To encourage playing and practicing new vocal techniques, I wrote and recorded “Funny Voice”, because it’s alright to play and sing like a kid again. Sing along to the words below, trying out new sounds and techniques to exercise those vocal cords. 

Funny Voice
May not like this funny voice, this funny voice, this funny voice
May not like this funny voice, but it’s OK (2x)
I just love this funny voice, this funny voice, this funny voice
I just love this funny voice, but it’s OK (2x)
It’s OK for these funny sounds, these funny sounds, these funny sounds 
It’s all right for these funny sounds, but it’s OK
‘Cause I love you anyway, anyway
Going to love you anyway, I just love you anyway
It’s OK, you’re OK, we’re OK  
Going to love you anyway (Vamp)

Barbara “Bobbi” Soares is a certified sound healing coach and vocal yoga practitioner in New Milford. She hosts Gong Sound Journeys on Thursdays, bimonthly at 6pm; reservations required. For more information on “Funny Voice” classes, call 860-946-9470 or find 
Hummingbird Sound Yoga on Facebook. See ad, page 9.

Barbara Bobbi Soares

Hummingbird Sound Yoga

Facebook @HummingbirdSoundYoga Non-Denominational Ceremonies: Barbara (Bobbi) Soares, MA, CYT, is a sound yoga and vocal yoga teacher, blues/jazz singer, and Reiki master, certified ... Read More » 


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