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Breast Pump Recycling

Wondering what to do with an old breast pump? Contact a local electronics waste recycling facility to check if they will accept breast pumps. Remove batteries before sending it to an e-waste facility and recycle batteries separately. Homeless shelters, women’s organizations and domestic violence shelters might be able to use them, despite the risk of contamination from a used pump. 

Currently, Medela has a breast pump recycling program available online. Medela does not cover the cost of shipping nor does it provide a shipping label, but will take back used breast pump motors and power cords. The parts are then broken down and recycled by a third-party provider. Medela will provide a return label for the shipping address and tracking.

Based on rules for plastic recycling in local towns or at the recycling center, breast pump parts may be recycled. Check the recycling code on these items: storage containers and caps, breast cups, tubing, filters, valves, connectors. Carry bags can be dropped off at textile recycling facilities. The cleaning brush typically will be disposed of in the trash., Craigslist and OfferUp are websites where people offer free items for folks who need them. Facebook restricts the posting of breast pumps for sale or as a donation in their online groups. The following companies do not currently have a recycling program: Tomy, Freemie, Hygeia, Willow, Elvie, NatureBond, Motif Medical and Nuk.

Compiled by Nanaz Khosrowshahi, who lives in Connecticut with her family.
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