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Letter From Publisher July 2021

Jun 30, 2021 01:00PM ● By Erica Mills
Erica Mills

Erica Mills

This issue of Natural Awakenings has such fresh, bright, healthy vibes. From the refreshing cover image to the bright, colorful articles on eating well, facilitating your creativity and cultivating enduring vitality, I hope these pages evoke a joyful curiosity in you.

On page 19, “Food as Medicine” dives into what types of foods we should include in our daily diets to help us with all sorts of health goals. Pay attention to the colors you’re eating, with a helpful guide to what each color on your plate can mean.

We are also talking about that all-important thing that so many of us don’t get enough of—sleep. Try out some of the simple tips in “Sweet Slumber”, on page 24, and see what works best for you. Did you know that you can fall asleep faster just by writing a to-do list? Or by sleeping on a natural mattress? Learn more about what makes a natural mattress better for our sleep and wellness, on page 26.

During our waking hours, many of us have found new hobbies and creative pursuits in the last year. In Ridgefield, Sedona Art is determined to provide a safe and inspiring space for creativity of all kinds. Read about the art store’s offerings and workshops for all ages on page 16.

This summer, I hope you eat well, sleep well and nurture your creativity. Erica

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