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Space is the Place

Aug 31, 2021 10:00AM ● By Barbara “Bobbi” Soares

photo by Bobbi Soares: Waterfalls Dover ©21.BSoares

Space is the place. Knowing where we are, proprioception defined. 
Reconnection with primal vibration, inside the pause between inhale/exhale,
Time stands still enough to glimpse the future in this deeply present moment.

Does this silence have a sound? One hand clapping, a stop sign in the desert?
40-plus days of sheltering in place, a new normal arrives.
Inside of gratitude and kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you,
Mother Earth for your beauty! We will take care of you, all our relations, 
As you will take care of us who strive to find new beginnings.

An active invitation to spirit of the wind.
Stirring the fires of the belly to burn away third chakra inertia,
Calling for jaguars to protect us. Becoming one with our sound, our soul.
The essence of the one, the many faces of God. All the saints, our children’s children.
Flying on the wings of great spirit, Kindling patience and passion.

Self-inquiry amidst a deep chant to practice spirit of bobcat, owl, house wren.
Using music and sound vibration to open a portal to the other side of reality that calls us:
Wash your spirit clean, Wash your hands, Wash your heart, Wash your spirit clean.
So that subtle bodies will grow
stronger in truth, 
Birthing allies of sound in breath, rhythm, space and words.
A lullaby to our becoming who we were supposed to be.

We can do it thru chant and love songs.
We can do it. Embrace the change.
We can be it. Yes, we can be it.
We can become the new change.
We can say it. We can sing it
In silence, so contained.

The emptiness of a yoga mat, waiting for asana to begin
With intention and pranayama, Ethereal Om-ing, temple bells ring.
Tear the skies down with thy love. Tear the skies down, for my sacred beloved.
Kindred souls along the path. Howling minor thirds, perfect fifths.
Tear the skies down with thy love and truth. Tear the skies down.

Embrace this present
moment with a call and response. 
Sounding out your emotion, Join me in a sound. Perhaps a hoot, howl or cry.
Beating our chests, waving our arms, stomping our feet.
Removing grief, fear, doubt-struck emotions.
So we can fully resonate the stillness of peace and harmony with our love.
Creating a safe place for our sacred space.
Be safe. Be sound. Hummingbird Sound Yoga.

© 2020, 2021 B. Soares. All rights reserved.

Barbara “Bobbi” Soares is a certified sound healing coach and vocal yoga practitioner in New Milford. She hosts Gong Sound Journeys on Wednesdays, bimonthly at 6pm; reservations required. For more information on classes, call 860-946-9470 or find Hummingbird Sound Yoga on Facebook. See ad, page 8.

Barbara Bobbi Soares

Hummingbird Sound Yoga

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