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Our Dreams, Our Authentic Self

Sep 30, 2021 10:00AM ● By Thea Litsios
When we are seeking a simpler life, perhaps what we are truly seeking is a life that is authentic. The definition of both of these concepts, simplicity and authenticity, is very subjective. One person’s idea of simplicity might be overwhelming to another. One person’s idea of being authentic might not ring true to another. But when we have reached that ideal balance for ourselves, we know it—because it feels “right”.

Whether seeking simplicity or authenticity, it is often defined by the idea of letting go of things. We strive to create simplicity by letting go of our excess of material objects, obligations that no longer serve us and sometimes even relationships. Seeking authenticity can be similar, but we are often letting go of ideas, beliefs and “shoulds” that no longer serve us. It is more of an internal cleansing than an external one.

When letting go of material objects, obligations and even relationships, we could always follow Marie Kondo’s question of, “Does this bring me joy?”

But how do we discover our own authentic selves? Seeking to live our life with authenticity can be a little more challenging, since what we are seeking is our own inner truth and the beliefs that define that inner truth. Sometimes our beliefs are hidden from us because we acquired those beliefs when we were young and it appeared to us as simply “the way things are”. Sometimes what brings us joy was left by the wayside as we progressed from childhood to adulthood.

But there is one way that can lead us to our authentic selves, and that is our night dreams. Every night, when we sleep, we have access to the deepest part of ourselves. We might call it our soul, or higher self, but when we dream, we have access to a part of ourselves that is trying to remind us of our deepest truths every night.

Indigenous societies knew the importance of dreams. There is an Iroquois saying that, “If you have lost your dreams, you have lost a part of your soul.”  Dreams can show us the deepest wishes of our soul.

For those seeking authenticity and wishing to explore finding their true self through night dreams, here are a few suggestions. 

• To aid in remembering dreams, the best thing to do is to cultivate dreams by setting an intention to remember our dreams each night before going to sleep.

• Keep a journal by the bedside to record even the smallest wisp of a dream. The more energy put into remembering and recording dreams, the more they will make themselves visible to us.

• Welcome the messages of dreams. Be open to all that the dreams have to share.

• Sharing our dreams with a dream buddy helps to discuss what they might mean.

• Read books by Robert Moss, who has written more than 10 books on dreams. 

Thea Litsios is a certified transformational life coach, a certified hypnotist and a teacher of Active Dreaming. She hosts monthly dream groups for those wishing to explore their dreams more. Connect at or [email protected]. See ad, page 2.

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