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Rewilding Autumn Retreat for Women

Kristy M. Vanacore

Kristy M. Vanacore

Reconnect with the innate wisdom of the lineages of women who walked before us while creating, sharing, exploring and revitalizing in sacred sisterhood. Join host Dr. Kristy M. Vanacore at the Rewilding Autumn Retreat to honor the transition from fall to winter and activate a new personal and collective cycle of growth. From November 19 to 21, attendees will gather like our ancestors did, in the stunning foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in picturesque Ridgefield, at the West Lane Inn. 
“Women need ceremony, sisterhood and nature to feed the fires of their starving souls. As the pressures of modern life continue to threaten the value and vitality of families and parents—particularly mothers—struggle to be the glue that binds, it is imperative that women remember their roots and reignite the flames of their intuition,” says Vanacore. “Rewilding—an emancipation from the domestication and social conditioning of tolerance, distraction, apathy and fear to the empowered freedom and reclamation of their inherent curiosity, passion, ingenuity, instinctual wisdom and boundless joy—is critical to revitalize families. It’s what the world is waiting for.”

Vanacore is a spiritual visionary, modern-day medicine woman and sacred storyteller who weaves ancient wisdom with modern science to empower families to thrive. She has been a prominent trailblazer in the field of holistic psychology for two decades, as she has revolutionized the personal development industry by creating a mentoring program for all ages and stages which combines coaching and personal development, evidenced-based psychological therapies, somatic/movement-based practices, energy medicine and Shamanic healing techniques.
All-inclusive retreat package includes: private or shared rooms, ceremony, yoga, meditation, dance, music, weaving and creative expression, fireside talks, Shamanic Reiki and craniosacral balancing sessions, farm-to-table meals, outdoor excursions and more.

For more information, call 914-497-8006 or email [email protected] or
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Rewilding Families - 31 Bailey Avenue, Ridgefield, CT

Holistic Psychology, Spiritual Visionary, Author Weaving ancient wisdom with modern science to revitalize families Services include: Coaching and personal development, evidenced-base... Read More » 


Coming in May
Deadline April 12th. Email: [email protected] today for details and yo reserve your space.

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