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The Angel Cooperative Hosts New Retreats and Free Events

Among the many events and workshops hosted each month by The Angel Cooperative, in March, they are featuring two free events, in addition to a day retreat. They feel that it is important to offer our community an opportunity to meet others who might be struggling or striving for the same goals.

On March 12, at 1pm, Denise Lamoureux will be leading a free discussion called “Healing Ourselves and Our Children”, which will focus on healing our experiences of the past that affect us and our children in the present.

On March 16, at 7pm, licensed acupuncturist Casey Potetz will host “Getting Unstuck in Your Healing Journey”, a free women’s empowerment session to help cut through the overwhelm and gain traction in the self-healing journey.

Lastly, The Angel Cooperative is offering the first in a series of retreats in March, called “Bring It Forward: Celebrate the Returning Light Day Retreat”, with Wendy Boscia, Maria Davis and Christy Abate, on March 20 at 11am. This day retreat will help participants release what no longer serves them with a creative and expansive journey that includes yoga, singing bowls, guided meditation, Reiki, tarot, crystals, intuitive vision boards and more.

Other retreats to come include a Couples Retreat on May 7 and an Angel Energy
Retreat from June 3 to 6.

Location: 51 Ethan Allen Highway, Ridgefield. For more information and to register, visit See ad, page 19.

The Angel Cooperative - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7 Ridgefield CT

The Angel Cooperative - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7, Ridgefield, CT

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The Angel Wing - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7 Ridgefield CT

The Angel Wing - 51 Ethan Allen Hwy Route 7, Ridgefield, CT

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