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The Father of the Year Award

May 31, 2022 03:00PM ● By Berta Prevosti
What makes an ideal father? If you look up the idea of what makes the “ideal father”, you, like me, might find some of the following qualities:
• He is an inspirational role model who maintains a strong commitment and involvement with his family.
• He is a role model to the children in the communities with whom he associates.
• He makes a significant contribution to the nation and is recognized for his personal, academic and professional achievements.
• He is committed to maintaining an ongoing and further contribution to the nation (through voluntary, unpaid work undertaken and awards and recognition received).

To be honest, I don’t believe that I entirely agree with the criteria. I will admit that I did not have a positive role model for a father, but I certainly know what a good father is. For me, a father is a magical being that I can only imagine, but I have seen them out there in the world.
Let’s take this moment to praise those fathers, the fathers that I see playing with their children, carrying them on their shoulders, helping their partners with the endless daily tasks of parenthood—the simple things. Fathers that stay and do the mundane things in life, and do them with such a love in their eyes that at times has evoked jealousy from me, as well as inspiration from knowing that those men do exist.

The list above is lacking. Here are a few more I’d like to add.
• A father is someone that stays—stays when it is hard to stay, stays because he loves his children and his family, stays because he knows that some bad days are only a small part of a greater life.
• A father is someone that understands that he symbolizes stability for his children and safety, in a way that no one else could ever provide.
• A father understands that strength comes from showing how he loves and forgives, rather than his physical strength.
• A father understands that he represents the only God that his children will know up until they can venture out into the world of spirituality and find their own. He knows his presence and his actions will mold how his children will view the world and behave in it.
• A father teaches his children how to be a man, how to treat women, how to treat humanity and how to be kind when it seems easier not to be kind.
• A father shows what true strength is: love, compassion, humility and grace.
• A father knows the difference between bravado and courage and teaches by example.

It is a daunting task for sure, but I take this moment to praise the men that have become fathers, through conception, adoption or just from association. The fathers that have stayed while it was unbearable to stay, that have loved in the face of unruly teenagers and that, though faced with divorce, remained to be part of their children’s lives.

Bravo to you all! I honor you on this Father’s Day and on every day. What you do, has and will change and shape the lives of your children and of all children.

My Father of the Year Award goes to—all of the above. 

To my grandfather who showed me what love is, to my ex-husband who showed me what acceptance is, to my brothers who showed me what passion is, to my friends who have shown me what commitment is, to my father who showed me what I could be, and taught me how I should raise my sons, so that they could grow up to be the winners of this most prestigious award.

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