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June 2022 Letter From Publisher

May 31, 2022 03:00PM ● By Erica Mills
Erica Mills

Erica Mills

We have a wide range of interesting topics this month. There is something for everyone—and especially the men! This is our Men’s Health edition, so we’re shining a light on wellness for men and fathers.

In “The Healing of the Modern Man”, on page 22, we dive into the ways that today’s men are embracing their emotional power, rather than shying away from it. Thankfully, our society has shifted to becoming more inclusive, accepting and encouraging of stepping outside of the “gender norms”. There is much to learn here about how to step into this new normal as a man—but also for anyone who knows a man who would benefit from feeling supported and understood. (Who wouldn’t?)

Alongside this subject, on page 26, “Healing Trauma” is a great article that sheds light on how many of us are dealing with various kinds of trauma, including emerging ideas and therapies and a list/explanation of some treatment options that may be beneficial to anyone dealing with hard things.

Topics of interest for everyone include some insight into “long-haul COVID” and ways to combat symptoms (page 14), as well as “Five Major Blocks to Healing Chronic Lyme Disease” (page 16).

For some fun this month, read “Unplugged Adventures” on page 28, about eco-tripping to unique, off-grid, camping and adventuring spots across the country. Put that phone down and reconnect with yourself—or your companions.

Be well,

Erica Mills, publisher


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