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PPX: The Cutting Edge of Regenerative Medicine

Aug 31, 2022 10:00AM ● By Henry Sobo

Over a number of years, regenerative medicine has offered the option of stem cell treatments, either derived from a patient’s own bone marrow or fat, or using stem cells derived from a foreign source, such as donated umbilical cord tissue.

Now, Patient Pure X (PPX) provides a natural healing treatment derived from the patient’s own blood using the very simplest of procedures—a blood draw—to start the process. We are now using this new treatment to achieve all of the benefits that have been attributed to stem cell treatments without the discomfort and inconvenience of stem cell extractions, or concern regarding the use of a foreign material. And it also costs less than traditional stem cell treatments.

What PPX provides are the naturally found nanoparticles, produced by stem cells called extracellular vesicles and exosomes, which are a part of a person’s own self-healing mechanisms. With this new cutting-edge treatment, one can get the benefits of stem cell treatments by a simple blood draw procedure.

Starting with a blood sample taken from a patient, the blood is sent for production of a personally derived serum for injection back into the patient. There are hundreds of billions of these nanoparticles per milliliter that are infused back into the body without any need for culturing or expansion by any means—thus, the treatment is completely natural and safe to use.

Getting Technical

Naturally occurring microvesicles are released from a person’s cell membranes and mediate cell-to-cell communication, which is involved in many crucial healing processes of the body including immune signaling, angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels) and cellular stress responses.

Growth factors are proteins released into the circulation which act as healing substances for areas of injury or degeneration. Cytokines, which are produced by many cell types in our bodies, are responsible for regulating the immune response, inflammation and tissue remodeling after injury or degeneration.

Cellular signaling is a form of cell-to-cell communication in which a cell produces a signal to induce changes in other cells. Paracrine factors affect cells nearby, whereas autocrine signals affect distant cells in the body.

The process involved in the production of PPX results in a highly concentrated self-derived serum which can be injected into the patient. PPX contains billions of these tiny healing factors and assists the body in regeneration of the body’s tissues in the most natural and safe way. The treatment is given in two doses given four weeks apart for maximal effect, as a completed treatment.

Many conditions can be helped by using PPX, including arthritis affecting the joints, cardiovascular problems, immune stem problems, neurologic problems and general aging and frailty.

Dr. Henry Sobo of Optimal Health Medical LLC is a Doctor of Internal Medicine who has been practicing Integrative Medicine for many years, emphasizing safe and effective treatments, maximizing the use of natural nontoxic treatments, while minimizing the use of prescriptive pharmaceutical drugs where possible. He is located at 111 High Ridge Rd, Stamford. Connect at 203-348-8805 or See ad, page 9.

Henry C Sobo

Optimal Health Medical LLC - 111 High Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT

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