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Six Tips for Finding Peace and Fulfillment at Work

Oct 31, 2022 09:31AM ● By Thea Litsios
We’ve heard the phrases “The Great Resignation” and “quiet quitting”. The pandemic and other stresses have changed our attitudes toward our work. Many were unable to work for months. Others worked remotely, working under stressful and isolating circumstances. This caused many people to question their attitudes toward their careers.

Levels of dissatisfaction and frustration about careers have been growing for some time. But the unusual circumstances of the last couple of years brought many people’s awareness to a tipping point. It became intolerable to continue on the same career path that they had been on for such a long time.

We spend nearly one third of our lives at work. Yet, when choosing a career path, many of us can’t predict if this career will bring us satisfaction and fulfillment in the long run. Sometimes it takes time and experience before we begin to see that we are no longer happy with our career choice. But it has become more and more important for us to feel a sense of satisfaction with our work.

Are you contemplating a change in career? Maybe you simply want to improve the work situation you are in now. In either case, here are six tips to help you find more peace and fulfillment at work.

Become Curious
When things feel negative in our career, we can lose sight of what might be working. By stepping outside the scenario and becoming curious, we can gain a new perspective. You might want to try writing out the answers to the following questions:
• What’s working in my current job/career?
• What’s not working?
• Is there one element of my current work situation that brings me the most stress? A person, a certain aspect of the work, boredom, a feeling of lack of support? Try to identify and narrow the source of the stress or unhappiness.

Mine Your Past
What brought you joy in the past? Give some time to think about sources of joy in your childhood. Is there a way to incorporate them into your work or life? Bringing more joy into your life can relieve stress and create more happiness in the moment.

Use Your Imagination
Daydream! Allow your mind to wander. Think up a “best case scenario.” What would an ideal work situation look like? What would make your current work situation joyful instead of stressful? Don’t put limits on what is possible. Think outside the box and allow your creative mind to go a little wild. It can be a revelation when we allow ourselves creative freedom.

Tap Into Your Dreams
Each night, we have an unlimited source of guidance in our dreams. What are your dreams telling you about improving your current work situation, or about what might be coming next? Keep a dream journal by the side of your bed and record any memories of your night excursions. Then, reflect on these dreams to see if they contain any guidance on your current situation.

Meditate On It
Allowing 15 to 30 minutes a day where your mind can be calm and open can give you a base point for peace. Meditation can not only calm nerves, but give you access to insights. It can give you insights that can redirect your thoughts and create new work options.

Ask for Guidance
All spiritual paths indicate that we have a source of non-physical guidance. How you define this source of guidance is very personal. However, because we are on a planet of free will, our guides will not interfere unless we ask for help. So, the last tip is to ask for guidance when you feel the need for help. This can take the form of prayer, simple questions or a request for assistance in a particular situation. Don’t be afraid to ask. Your guides are always at hand waiting to assist you.

Thea Litsios is an Intuitive Career Coach that helps her clients find the career of their dreams by learning how to tap into their intuition. She does individual and group coaching and offers a free, one-hour phone consultation to see how intuitive career coaching might help you find the career of your dreams. Connect at See ad, back cover.

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Thea Litsios 

Certified Career Coach, Hypnotist, & Teacher of Active Dreaming Remote sessions available Career Coach / Hypnotist: I help you clear away subconscious blocks and use intuition to ... Read More » 


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