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How Nature Teaches Us How to Live

Oct 31, 2023 04:00PM ● By Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW

Earth is a powerful energetic being where we live, thrive and create. Its mood and seasons are called nature, and it is here to teach us the way we should thrive in life. The cycles of nature help us remember that we have cycles in life. Nature, like the cosmos, is a natural teacher.

During Fall, it is a time to have things fall away and be buried in the earth. This can be relationships, jobs, addictions or traumas. Winter is a time to go within and start to look deep within our inner subconscious mind for what is buried and forgotten. The dream state during winter becomes more active as our soul is trying to work though creations we had during the summer. We are here on Earth to grow and learn. Spring is of course when we spring into action and plant positive seeds of what we learned during the winter. Summer is when the beauty of our “landscape” may show its best outcomes. Time to relax and enjoy our creations.

When we pay attention to these patterns, we learn how to create our life. We create our life through our thoughts and actions. What we think about, we bring about. What we focus on, we expand. When we have negative thoughts, we really should remove, shift or change them. For example, in a garden we may have many weeds. Weeds can be thought of as negative thoughts. These negative thoughts prevent us from growing and thriving, as negative weeds block a plant’s growth. Thoughts push our emotions and then fuel our actions and that helps formulate our behavior. If we want to blossom, we must weed our mind garden.

The sun helps plants to grow and mature into wonderful fruits, trees and other harvests. The sun can emulate energy and inspiration from the Universe that helps us to grow and learn. The warmth of the sun helps us to remember source can warm our hearts with inspirations and goals. The light of the sun can help us remember that our soul is always warm and shining. Sometimes we can’t see it because of clouds, misperceptions or rain, like tears, but the sun is still there.

The moon represents our intuition—what is hidden in the subconscious. The moon lights up the night sky. Just like our intuition can light up our dark times. There is a lot of wisdom that comes out of darkness. The moon always teaches us about cycles, as there are full moons every 28 days and women have their period approximately every 28 days. These cycles are to remind us that life is not linear. We go through new beginnings at every New Moon. Full Moons can make the tides move ferocious. It can make people emotionally vulnerable to awaken the “lunatic” energy in them.

Air (or wind) helps us remember the breath of spirit and the etheric realm of spirit. Feeling a change in temperature in your house when there is no air can be a whisp of the energy of a spirit or a ghost. A tornado can remind you that there may be hard times of emotional turmoil where things get blown away and disrupted. It is just an experience but may leave devastation and you may have to rebuild.

Water is about cleansing. Water can be a metaphor for cleansing our thoughts, words and deeds and our aura. Words can be like tsunamis, or they can be as peaceful as a lake. A roaring ocean can emulate rage and anger. In dream interpretation, the type of water you see has to do with the emotions you are experiencing. A hurricane can mean you are going to have a fight with a person or some other tragedy.

Fire is about igniting our passions in life. We need the fire of passion to get started in new jobs, health and life. We need fire energy to create fiery outcomes. Fire is the catalyst of new beginnings, but can also be destruction. With any energy, it is how you use it. The sun reminds us of the fire within us.

Earth is about grounding in the present moment. We must remember we incarnated on earth for a reason. Earth is the foundation of our life. When we plant things into earth they grow. When we plant things into our thoughts, they prosper. Use Earth as a metaphor for life. Similar to how astrology can help us understand our path on earth, nature can assist us on how to live when we are here.

Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW is a psychotherapist, intuitive and healer. She has a meditation and healing center, Conscious Creations, in Bloomfield. Connect at 323-782-9085 (text), or @Conscious_CreationsCT on Instagram. See ad, page 2.

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