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How to Achieve Optimal Health

Feb 29, 2024 10:00AM ● By Joseph V. Cassarino

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Lately it seems as if almost everyone—regardless of age—has some sort of health issue. Whether it’s a respiratory ailment, Long COVID, Zoom fatigue, autoimmune disorders or just plain exhaustion, it appears that much of the population, including children, struggles with their health. 

According to, 54 percent of American children are chronically ill. It reports that among kids four in 10 have depression, anxiety or ADHD; one in five are obese or have suicidal thoughts; one in six have developmental disorders; one in 12 have asthma; one in 13 have food allergies; one in 36 have autism; and one in 285 have cancer by age 20. 

The root cause of many of these illnesses

Lack of education about nutrition is one reason. Also, the food industry is controlled by a handful of conglomerates that produce food with their bottom line as the number one concern. Rather than focusing on the consumer’s health and well-being, they focus on reducing costs by any means possible and often opt for ingredients containing chemicals, toxins and cheap fillers over anything natural. The final product has often been stripped of important nutrients and filled with unhealthy oils known to clog arteries, addictive sugars and unnatural, synthetic ingredients.
Then we wonder why our children have illnesses that were quite uncommon just a few decades ago. We have crossed the line in maintaining health.

Kids aren’t the only ones affected 

It’s not only the youth that are sick. A vast majority of middle-aged people and senior citizens are struggling with suboptimal health. According to the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, in 2022 nearly 60 percent of adult Americans had at least one chronic disease. Presently, 25 percent have obesity, 21 percent have depression and 11 percent have high blood pressure. Asthma, COPD, arthritis and hypertension are the more common forms of chronic disease, and many people are also suffering from COVID-related issues including ubiquitous inflammation. Additionally, more younger adults are developing neurodegenerative diseases as early as 30 years old. This is not the trajectory of a bright, healthy future. 

Helpful steps

We all have the power to create a healthier future for ourselves. First, we need to be aware of what we put into our body and the effect it has on our health. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to eating junk food on a regular basis. Our diets often consist of processed fast foods, soft drinks full of sugar and alcoholic beverages. Even our tap water can contain chemicals and toxins. Most of us fail to eat the daily servings of fruits and vegetables that our body needs. Instead, many start off their days with cereals or muffins, grab pizza or burgers for lunch and often eat processed or frozen foods for dinner. All of these choices lack nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We need to make healthy choices. 

Get back to the basics

First, select healthier choices and shop for nutrient-based, real foods. There’s no shortage of health food and farmers markets, vitamin stores, functional medical professionals and integrative medical professionals to assist us along our path to better health. While it’s critical to supplement and to replenish lost nutrients, it’s equally important to mitigate toxins and chemicals built up inside cells. Become customers of businesses that value consumer health as much as the bottom line.  

Ensure a healthy immune system

Strong immunity is like a shield that mitigates illness, helps with recovery and protects the body from toxic substances. With many forces working against us, it’s most important to take care of our immune system. Fortifying it involves multiple actions including plenty of sunshine and rest, refraining from alcohol and eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. However, all of these aspects combined are often not enough to combat the excessive toxins infiltrating our cells.

One of the best ways to strengthen the immune system is to maintain ample glutathione levels. Glutathione is considered the master antioxidant and helps reduce oxidative stress in the cell to keep them at their healthiest. Its role in vital bodily processes can’t be understated. Also, healthy levels of glutathione possess many other potent health benefits including healthier skin; better brain function; increased heart, tissue, lung, kidney and joint health; enhanced athletic performance; and improved digestion.

It’s time to create a healthier, happier America and it starts with us. Our healthy, chronic-illness-free life is just a few simple choices away. 

Joseph V. Cassarino is a published wellness author and radio talk show personality on the topic of health. He is also the founder of Best Immune Support, a distribution arm of the flagship formula, ProImmune: Immune Formulation 200, that helps reduce oxidative stress and toxins directly inside cells naturally for optimal immune support and strength. For more information, visit See ad, page 15.