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Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Stephanie Dalfonzo

Six Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

Stephanie Dalfonzo’s Six Steps to Losing Weight...and Keeping It Off starts September 14 in Danbury, offering the tools needed to make powerful and lasting changes. Last month, the Center for Disease Control reported an estimated 72 million Americans to be “obese.” At the same time it’s been proven that diets based on deprivation and willpower don’t work—for instance when your favorite junk food is calling your name in the middle of the night. The time-honored common-sense answer: “Eat less and exercise more,” seems simple, but experience proves there’s nothing simple about it. So many triggers can cause us to overeat, and we wind up with eating as a hobby or a pastime we indulge in when we’re bored, happy, stressed or sad.

 Ms. Dalfonzo is a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, a trained life coach and EFT practitioner. Hypnosis, a natural and effective technique for accessing the subconscious mind, has been proven to be effective in changing unwanted habits and behaviors. “When tapping into the amazing power of your unlimited subconscious mind we can eliminate some of the old unhealthy messages and replace them with a new message such as “I deal with my emotions in healthy ways and food is simply to nourish my physical body”, says Stephanie. “We can learn how to break the cycle and change these habits.”

6 Steps to Losing Weight…AND KEEPING IT OFF! Begins September 14 at 7 p.m. at 152 Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury. Pre-registration is required. More information is available at 203.797.9288 or