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Keep Up the Demand for Local Food!

Keep Up the Demand for Local Food!

As president of the Connecticut Farm Fresh Cooperative Association, Alexis Gazy, of Gazy Brothers Farm, writes, “I am pleased to have the opportunity to express my appreciation to those who have embraced the locally grown movement. Never before has there been such an awareness of how vital it is to keep local agriculture alive and growing. As the years have passed, the interest and support for increasing the access of locally grown food has expanded tremendously to include a wide array of agricultural commodities far beyond the basic fruits and vegetables. To see the number of farmers markets in Connecticut grow from 30 in 1995 to over 150 today is truly amazing! Your support has helped small, local family farms such as ours stay in business. Thanks to your support, many markets are being established to provide residents with produce year-round, which will greatly impact the income of the local family farm. In order for small farms to continue to thrive, it is vital that you continue to support local. Ask for local food wherever you go. Demand that your town, state, and federal government representatives support programs and departments that foster the preservation of farms and locally grown foods. Farms and farmers need your support. You must be vocal to ensure that they preserve your right to access to locally grown food, both from the local farm and from your own garden. Local farmers appreciate all you have done and continue to do to support the locally grown movement!”

For a listing of the Farmers’ Markets within Fairfield County see page xx. Visit for more information.

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