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Stalking Wild Edible Plants: Walk and Workshop

Arthur Haines

Stalking Wild Edible Plants: Walk and Workshop

Master botanist Arthur Haines, biologist and expert in primitive skills, lives in Maine and teaches foresting in New England. On May 23 he will take a group on a Nature Walk at the Audubon Society in Fairfield. Participants will discover nature’s earliest spring greens, tasting and learning the secrets about local plants that have nourished people through the millennia, supplying them with superior nutrient-dense vitamins, minerals and fiber. There are hundreds of grasses and plants growing in our CT forests and even our own backyards that are edible and tasty, some of which are medicinal. For example: wild lettuce, dandelion and nettles grow in abundance. These untamed plants are important dietary components. Arthur will also relay fascinating stories from aboriginal cultures.

Fee, $40. Meet at 12 noon at the entrance to the Audubon Society, 2325 Burr Street, Fairfield. 90 minute Wild Food Walk, followed by demonstration and edible wild food samples at 2:30 p.m. at Catch a Healthy Habit Café, Fairfield, 2:30 - 3:30 p.m., $15 at the Cafe. Reserve your space: [email protected] or 303.990.2220. For more information visit or