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Healing Cancer Peacefully Author at Sherman’s Happy Rainbows

Dr. Nancy Offenhauser

Healing Cancer Peacefully Author at Sherman’s Happy Rainbows

Dr. Nancy Offenhauser, author of Healing Cancer Peacefully: A Memoir, published by The Round House Press of Kent, CT, will conduct a free open question-and-answer session and book signing at Sherman’s Happy Rainbows on Saturday, August 14, announces owner Barrie Sachs. Happy Rainbows has been described by one magazine reviewer as “a tiny jewel of positive influence and energy healing possibilities.” Dr. Offenhauser, a beloved neighborhood chiropractor in Amenia, New York, says she received powerful herbal wisdom from Barrie Sachs, as well as from the store’s books and the herbs, teas and tinctures she found at Happy Rainbows during the years 2002-2004, when she was self-healing from endometrial cancer. Now that her own book is on the shelves there, hailed by other leading herbalists, Dr. Offenhauser is eager to impart her protocol and her hopeful experience to others, including the wisdom of building up the body instead of tearing it down with conventional poisons, radiation and surgery, of avoiding such militaristic no-win terms as “battling cancer,” and of “bringing kindness back to medicine.”

Dr. Offenhauser’s book signing and open question-and-answer session will be held between 1 and 3 p.m. Books will be available at the store. Happy Rainbows is in the Sherman Green Marketplace, near the IGA supermarket. Phone 860.355.4959. Visit