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Supreme Meditation’s Weekend Retreats Begin in March

Beginning March 5 and 6, Supreme Meditation’s newly formatted weekend meditation retreats will resume. A Supreme Meditation Shaktipat Intensive is a weekend meditation retreat led by Meditation Master Acharya Kedar. It is a sacred, life-changing event that can catapults participants into a life of spiritual transformation that offers the joy of living, even during daily, mundane activities. The Shaktipat intensive is a weekend Meditation retreat designed to facilitate the spiritual awakening (initiation) known as Shaktipat, or full Kundalini awakening. A Supreme Meditation Shaktipat Intensive also teaches all of the principles and practices necessary to maintain a daily spiritual practice that will nurture and transform. These principles and practices serve to deepen a Meditation experience and a spiritual life, regardless of the level you feel you are at.

For more information and to enroll, visit, call 860.354.9516 or email [email protected].

Coming in May
Deadline April 12th. Email: [email protected] today for details and yo reserve your space.

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